Corporate Social Responsibility

Kings Chambers is renowned throughout the legal profession for its collegiate spirit and friendly atmosphere.  We passionately believe that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more collectively than we achieve individually.  Kings is known for its affable workplace culture and professional work ethic.  We are committed to supporting all of our barristers, pupils and staff in aspiring to and in achieving their own professional and personal goals.  We are supportive of our barristers, pupils and staff who have family commitments, for example caring for young children,elderly relatives or unwell partners.  Kings is an equal opportunities employer and fully committed to providing equality of opportunity and helping staff to achieve their full potential through training and development. Training and mentoring of our own barristers, pupils, staff and other barristers and legal professionals is at the forefront of our ethos.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all those who work within Chambers are treated with equal respect and courtesy at all times. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or inappropriate behaviour.  

A copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is available here.  

A copy of our Equality & Diversity Action Plan is available here.

In May 2017, Kings Chambers adopted the Wellbeing Policy. This is designed to promote the health and wellbeing of all members of Chambers and Staff. It recognises the importance of the wellbeing of all in Chambers and that this is the responsibility of us all from top to bottom. It produces a framework within which Chambers encourages and facilitates good working practices and seeks to protect members and staff alike.  To download a copy of the policy please click here

Kings Chambers is committed to making a big difference in the community we serve locally and nationally.

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