Occupational disease

Kings Chambers prides itself on its expertise within the sphere on occupational disease litigation. The team has a particular focus on asbestos related lung conditions such as mesothelioma and lung cancers as well as claims involving exposure to other toxic or carcinogenic substances. Other areas of expertise include noise induced hearing loss, hand arm vibration syndrome and repetitive strain injuries.

The team works for many market leading law firms and insurers and is regularly involved in test litigation, putting it at the cutting edge of the development of law within this field. Several member of the team advise international organizations in both case specific scenarios as well as their long tail disease exposure domestically and in foreign jurisdictions. Landmark decisions such as Fairchild and the Pleural Plaques test litigation have involved chambers.

The team provides national reach when dealing with cases and a prompt and efficient service whether it be drafting pleadings or meeting a client urgently in need of advice in their own home for a conference.

Members of the team regularly deliver seminars on the changing landscape of disease litigation and legal developments.

Please contact our specialist clerks Stephen Loxton or Paul Clarke for further information.

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