Satinder Hunjan QC secures 60% liability in favour of speeding motorcyclist.

Satinder Hunjan QC, acting for the Claimant, has secured a finding of 60% liability in favour of a speeding motorcyclist. The Motorcyclist was travelling along a main road which had a 30mph speed limit, at a speed of 45 to 50mph, before he collided with a slow moving motor car turning into the main road. The Claimant was unfortunately rendered a paraplegic in the accident, with the motor car driver suffering no or modest injuries only. Although it was found that the greater culpability probably lay with the motorcyclist, Satinder Hunjan QC successfully argued that by reason of the destructive disparity in such a collision it was the motorcar driver who should have the greater apportionment of fault.


The Full Judgment is to be found here.

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