Fiona Ashworth Secures £1.5 Million in CPRS Settlement

Fiona Ashworth Secures £1.5 Million in CPRS Settlement

Fiona Ashworth secures a settlement of £1.5m for a client who developed CRPS after a tripping accident.

The Claimant, who was 32 at the time of the accident, sustained a minor fracture to his ankle that was expected to resolve in 12 months. He developed CRPS, causing severe pain in the lower leg and loss of function.  His mood lowered and he became depressed.

He had previously worked as an electrician, but was unable to return to manual work and the chance of any employment was low. He required care, adaptations and aids and appliances. His claim included a Terrain Overlander ATV to allow him to pursue his recreational activities and a buddy to facilitate it.

The Claimant compromised his claim for Provisional Damages in the event of the CRPS spreading further.     

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