Victory for Helen Mulholland at AvMA Curry Cookery Course

Helen Mulholland was part of the winning team at the AvMA curry cookery course on 22 June 2017. 

The course was taught by Hansa, who is credited with raising the profile of Gujarati vegetarian cuisine in Leeds when she opened her restaurant there in 1986. In addition to her restaurant, she also runs a cookery school to teach others her techniques and pass on her recipes.

Delegates had a lesson on how to make Gujarati starters ('Sharuaat') and were split into 5 teams to compete against each other for the best cooking techniques and the best tasting starters. Independent judges observed them and tasted their food. 

The winning team was made up of (from R to L in the photo):

Helen Mulholland (Kings Chambers)
Simon Wadlow (Total Legal Solutions)
Liz Hodgson (Park Lane Plowden)

They each won an authentic Hansa restaurant apron! 

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