Seminars & Conferences

Kings Chambers regularly hold seminars throughout the year on a range of topics related to various aspects of law. View the latest events here.

Capacity to Execute an LPA; An Update from the High Court 25 Aug 2022 Zoom Webinar   View Details
Kings Annual Insolvency Conference 2022 21 Sep 2022 Manchester Hall, Manchester City Centre   View Details
Women In Planning - Inquiry Training Event 2022 30 Sep 2022 Council Chamber, Town Hall Extension, Manchester   View Details
Property Brunch Conference: Land Registration Demystified 05 Oct 2022 The Anthologist   View Details
Webinar: Drilling through “Hughes v Rattan” - where are we now? 06 Oct 2022 Zoom Webinar   View Details
Webinar on Chronic Pain and Functional Neurological Disorder 13 Oct 2022 Zoom Webinar   View Details
Postponed: Mediation Seminar 15 Nov 2022 Kings Chambers / Zoom   View Details

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