Remote Hearings - effective preparation

We have all adapted to the use of remote hearings to ensure the continued operation of the justice system.

With remote hearings very much set to remain and continue to present court users with numerous challenges, experienced practitioners Andrew Singer QC and Lucy Wilson-Barnes provide practical guidance based upon their own experiences at seeking to ensure best practice and on how we can prepare our clients and ourselves for effective and productive participation in remote hearings including:

  • E-Bundles: format; issues of filing/transmission to the Judge; pagination; navigation
  • The different remote platforms Issues affecting litigants in person: avoiding technical issues; problems requiring adjournment
  • Practicalities: privacy, issues which would ordinarily be dealt with in person during a hearing (such as signing documents, producing new documents )
  • Effective communication: with the Court; between client to Counsel
  • Live evidence
  • Effective advocacy techniques

View Lucy's notes here

View Andrew's notes here


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