Constanze Bell is one of The Planner's "Women of Influence" 2022

Constanze Bell is one of The Planner's

Every year for International Women's Day, The Planner publishes a list of planning's Women of Influence, as nominated by the readers of The Planner and assessed by a panel of judges that includes distinguished planners from across the UK. 

The list celebrates the impact of women on planning and planners. 

The Planner says "This year's features 50 women whose nominations we felt met the criteria we were looking for, and who illustrate the breadth and depth of women who are having an influence on planning and planners across sectors and disciplines (NB - they do not have to be planners to be on the list). There are women from all UK nations, from every region of England, from Ireland and from other parts of the world; there also seems to be a particular emphasis this year on women working in public health".

View the full list here.

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