Kings Chambers instructed to challenge the Government’s Covid-19 ‘three-tier system’

Kings Chambers instructed to challenge the Government’s Covid-19 ‘three-tier system’

Leading barristers at Kings Chambers, Sam Karim QC, Sarah Clover, and Leo Charalambides have been instructed by Sacha Lord, co-founder of The Warehouse Project, Parklife and the Night-Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester, to draft a legal challenge in the event that the Government places tier 3 restrictions on Greater Manchester and also to advise on the lawfulness of the three-tier system that came into force on Wednesday 14th October 2020.

On Monday 12th October, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a three-tier system for Covid-19 restrictions which divide Local Authorities into “local Covid alert levels”, listed as medium (tier 1), high (tier 2), and very high (tier 3). Thus far, Merseyside is the only place to move into tier 3 with pubs and bars closed.

Sacha Lord said “Safety must always come first, but as an operator in Greater Manchester for 26 years, I cannot sit by and simply allow the Government to rip the heart out of our sector. We have repeatedly asked for scientific evidence to back up the closure of our pubs and bars and repeatedly been ignored. To many operators and major breweries across Greater Manchester, this feels like a cheap headline. The night-time economy in Greater Manchester is our 5th biggest industry. It is already on its knees and further closure would undoubtedly lead to mass redundancies and bankruptcies”.

The expert legal team from Kings Chambers is currently challenging the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 2020 as amended on 24th September to include the 10 pm curfew placed on the hospitality sector on behalf of Jeremy Joseph of G-A-Y. The grounds of challenge were lodged on Friday 9th October after the team received no formal response to the letter before action previously sent to the Secretary of State, Matt Hancock at the Department of Health & Social Care.

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