Rules of engagement

  1. These rules govern the appointment of a Kings Arbitration Arbitrator and the conduct of an Arbitration in accordance with the Kings Arbitration Agreement.
  1. Parties who agree to arbitrate a dispute need to complete the Kings Arbitration Agreement.
  1. The appointment is effective from the date the Arbitrator countersigns the agreement
  1. The Arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 absent agreement of the parties the Arbitrator will rule on procedure as he/she sees fit.
  1. All correspondence to the Arbitrator or his clerk and vice-versa must be copied to all parties. Documents may be submitted by e-mail or in hard copy. The Arbitration clerks should be the first point of contact.
  1. The Arbitrators fees will be agreed in advance and fees including the release of the award must be paid in full before the award is released.
  1. Should the arbitration settle in advance then fees will be calculated with reference to clauses 15 -19 of the Arbitration Agreement which may include (if requested by the parties) the drafting of an award to incorporate the terms of settlement.
  1. Kings Arbitration will not charge for use of their chambers for the hearing of arbitrations. Should any external venue be preferred then any costs for hiring of such venue or refreshments shall be borne by the parties.
  1. Disbursements for arbitration hearings will be on a recovery of expenses basis only.