Fees are normally subject to a number of issues in any given case such as length, complexity and weight of paper so it is impossible to formulate a structure which covers every eventuality. This matrix is to assist parties by giving a guide as to fees within certain parameters.

There are 3 options:

  1. Paper
  2. Day Arbitration
  3. 2 day Arbitration

These are further categorised by the band of Arbitrator. In each scenario it is assumed that the Arbitrators bundle will not consist of more than 2 lever arch files and the claim is less than £1 million. The fees incorporate the Arbitrator reading in, considering and preparing, hearing the Arbitration (with the exception of Paper arbitration) and the drafting of the award.

In all instances our clerks will advise you of costs well in advance of work being undertaken. The fees agreed will include any directions hearings leading up to the final hearing.

ArbitratorPaper Arbitration1 day Arbitration2 day Arbitration
Category A £5000 £7000 £8500
Category B £4000 £6000 £7500
Category C £3000 £5000 £6000

For longer, particularly complex or higher value arbitrations these can be negotiated in advance by agreement.