Welcome to Kings Arbitration Service

Kings Arbitration Service (KAS) is an entirely new and innovative service provided by Kings Chambers to assist parties to resolve disputes in a simple, timely and cost efficient manner using a range of experienced arbitrators as an alternative to usual court proceedings.

KAS can be used with agreement of the parties for any dispute.

It is an innovative service which provides a real alternative to court proceedings. An award is enforceable by the Courts in the same manner as a judgment of the Court with the leave of the Court. The use of the service includes situations where a dispute has arisen and there is no arbitration clause and also can be utilised subsequent to the initiation of court proceedings.

Hearings will be determined by specialists, many of whom sit or have sat as Judges. The system is efficient and certain and if required most cases will be determined within 90 days from start to finish.

It provides the parties flexibility of procedure and privacy. Using KAS is simple, involves no court forms or Jackson-style cost budgeting with clear and transparent costs and fixed fee for many suitable arbitrations. KAS offers expertise for a wide variety of disputes including chancery and commercial, contractual, company, construction and engineering, property, partnership, wills & probate.

At a time of spiralling costs, clients are increasingly looking at economical and affordable ways to resolve their disputes whilst having access to the best tribunal. KAS offers that solution.