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Kings Chambers is fully committed to ensuring that Equalities in the workplace and at the Bar prevail. Chambers recognises that the pathway to the legal profession, and particularly the Bar, is one which has a number of hurdles in its way. Historically this has proven to make it extremely difficult to certain underrepresented groups to enter the profession. It is therefore essential that everyone plays their part in seeking to achieve a representative profession and, whilst we know this cannot be achieved overnight, every step in the right direction is a positive one. For this reason, we will continue scrutinize the way in which Chambers performs and we will make improvements wherever we can.

In order to achieve our goals, Chambers has formed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We consider that this is a strong membership and one which will prove conducive to creating some exciting opportunities (and changes) for Chambers and the profession as a whole.

Chambers’ ED&I committee is dedicated to the advancement of equality and diversity across Chambers so as to achieve an inclusive profession and organisation. It is comprised of a number of Barristers and staff who oversee all matters pertaining to ED&I.

Through the joint EDO’s, Chambers delivers in-house training to staff and consistently reviews all policies in line with Bar Council guidelines.

  • Andrew Singer KC and Sam Karim KC - Equality and Diversity Leads
  • Debbie Andres (Chambers Director)
  • Lewis Martin (Compliance Manager)
  • Anisa Niaz-Dickinson, Steven Flynn and Helen Gardiner - Equality and Diversity Officers
  • Francesca Gardner - Race Equality and Social Mobility Champion
  • Sarah Reid KC - Gender Equality Champion
  • Constanze Bell - Pupillage Equality Liaison Officer

Chambers also has a number of policies which are reviewed regularly, and which are intended to ensure that Chambers is true to its commitment. Here is a selection of some of the policies that have been adopted as a means of promoting equality and diversity and inclusion throughout Chambers as a whole:

Chambers is proud to have embarked on a number of initiatives which we hope will provide a greater awareness of the profession to all, as well as also helping shape the Barristers of our future. Members also give their time as volunteers. An example of these are:

  • 10,000 black interns
  • Creating connections
  • Pathways to law
  • Judging and coaching for moots and debates
  • Legal profession-diversity
  • Breaking down the barriers conference for law students
  • Bridging the Bar
  • Chairing and membership of various committees at the Inns of Court (e.g. social mobility committee chair and EDI committee membership)
  • Mentoring through various alumni networks
  • Volunteering with inspiring the future (speaking about the Bar at state schools)

We value equality and diversity and we welcome applications from candidates from all backgrounds and all sectors of the community. Candidates for pupillage and for tenancy are assessed solely on the grounds of merit. If you are disabled and require any adjustments to be made at any stage of the application and selection process then please inform us of this and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.

Constanze Bell is Chambers’ Pupillage Equality Liaison Officer.

Francesca Gardner is Chambers’ Race Equality and Social Mobility Champion. She is an active member of Circuit led work on diversity within the profession. She is assisted in her role on the ED&I Committee by Sam Karim KC and Andrew Singer KC. Jonathan Wright is a member of the Northern Circuit’s Race Working Group which is doing some excellent work to help breed greater inclusion and diversity across circuit.

Chambers has enrolled in the 10,000 Black Interns Project

Chambers is proud to have a number of religions represented through its members and staff.

Andrew Singer KC was the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Manchester Jewish museum. The museum has a rich collection of over 30,000 items which documents the story of Jewish migration and settlement in Manchester.

Chambers is able to accommodate any request for a prayer room facility at any of its location. If you are attending Chambers and would like a quiet place for prayer, please let the clerk with whom you made the booking know, who will ensure that arrangements are made.

Link to Anti-racism statement here.

A copy of our Equal Opportunities Statement is available here.

A copy of our Equality & Diversity Action Plan is available here.

Kings Chambers fully complies with the obligations to monitor and publish Equality & Diversity Data as stipulated by Rule rC110 of the Bar Standards Board Handbook.

All members, pupils and staff have been given the opportunity to provide their Diversity Data via an online survey between 24 February 2022 and 18 March 2022. As this is an entirely voluntary process, individuals were free to provide all, some or none of their Diversity Data.

Approximately 64% of those eligible to submit their Diversity Data chose to do so and a copy of the summarised, statistical breakdown can be found here.

Enquiries regarding the Diversity Data or our approach to equality and diversity should be made to the Chambers Compliance Officer in the first instance via compliance@kingschambers.com

We are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of women both in the workplace, and specifically at the Bar. It is for this reason that Sarah Reid KC was selected as our Gender Equality Champion. We are proud to say that she is one of a number of successful women in Chambers who we envisage to be great role models for prospective Barristers.

Chambers is a proud signatory to the Women in Law pledge by the Bar Council.

Eleanor Temple is chair of the R3 insolvency professionals association. She set up the R3 Women’s group which focuses on women within that area of law.

Sarah Reid KC and Constanze Bell are active members of the Women in Planning group.

Chambers has recently undertaken a substantial renovation at its premises in Leeds to ensure that the building is ambulant compliant. All of Chambers sites are fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and Chambers is always willing to make further adjustments for any visitors. If you are intending to visit and require any special provision for yourself or a client, please ensure that the clerk with whom you made the booking with, is made fully aware of the same.

Chambers is proud to promote and support neurodiversity within the legal profession as a means of eliminating the stigma typically associated with people who think differently. It is for this reason that Chambers supports Neurodiversity in Law

Kings Chambers is renowned throughout the legal profession for its collegiate spirit and friendly atmosphere.  We passionately believe that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more collectively than we achieve individually.  Kings is known for its affable workplace culture and professional work ethic.  We are committed to supporting all of our barristers, pupils and staff in aspiring to and in achieving their own professional and personal goals.  We are supportive of our barristers, pupils and staff who have family commitments, for example caring for young children,elderly relatives or unwell partners.  Kings is an equal opportunities employer and fully committed to providing equality of opportunity and helping staff to achieve their full potential through training and development. Training and mentoring of our own barristers, pupils, staff and other barristers and legal professionals is at the forefront of our ethos.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all those who work within Chambers are treated with equal respect and courtesy at all times. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or inappropriate behaviour.  

A copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is available here.  

A copy of our Equality & Diversity Action Plan is available here.

Kings Chambers is committed to making a big difference in the community we serve locally and nationally.

Kings Chambers introduced the Wellbeing Policy in 2017 and received a Certificate of Recognition from the Bar Council in February 2018.  Chambers has a dedicated Wellbeing Committee led by Erica Bedford and Constanze Bell.  We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing of all members of Chambers, Pupils and Staff.  Our policy is reviewed annually and the current policy can be downloaded by clicking here.

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