Personal Injury Barristers 

Even in a chambers which has experienced sustained expansion and growth generally over the last 10 years, the Personal Injury barristers and practice group stands out for the growth in its numbers of members, amount of work done and its overall profile. That growth has been achieved and sustained by three core strategies:

  • Undertaking the discerning recruitment of new members (whether through pupillage or through established practitioners looking to enhance their practice by joining the group from other chambers);
  • Enforcing ‘house’ standards in respect to return of work and quality of performance;
  • Utilising to the fullest extent the support of an excellent clerks room.

Representation from 30 personal injury barristers

This practice group now numbers 30 personal injury barristers which means that Kings Chambers offers the highest quality of representation at all levels of call – from the most junior members (each of whom have been trained within Chambers by recognised practitioners in the personal injury field), through to the senior Juniors and up to the 3 silk members of the group. Members at this end of the group are regularly instructed in the highest value cases and at the level of the appellate Courts.

All members approach the work of advising and representing lay and professional clients by seeking to provide, in an unfussy manner, practical solutions based on sound analysis and experience. Although the group is based in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, the work our personal injury barristers undertakes is not limited geographically and on any given working day members of the group will be found in courts and conference rooms all over the country. The group achieves a balance between acting for Claimants and Defendants and, when acting for the former, its members are well versed in CFA practice.

Barristers in this Practice Area:

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